Our Services

Audit Service

Annual audit service

Audit and certify the financial statements for the year of the company at the end of every fiscal year.

Tax Consulting and Planning Tax

planning and creating an accounting system that is accurate and suitable for your company. Including giving advice on accounting records and other matters related to accounting and taxation.

Analyze financial ratios and plan tax for the year of the company.

Every half year, the financial statements for the half year will be drafted. To view trends and calculate to estimate how much tax your company will have to pay at the end of the year. to properly manage tax planning help reduce the tax burden

Accounting service

Accounting service: record accounting every month, and establish correct Accounting software for each business. Prepare annual financial statements at the end of the Accounting period, so as to submit financial statements to the Ministry of Commerce and the Tax Bureau in a timely manner. Including providing other advice related to accounting.

Tax services: Provide tax planning consulting, including tax related advice, and submit value-added tax on a monthly basis. (If any) Calculate corporate income tax, social security payment, calculate and submit annual corporate income tax Tax return, etc., as follows


Company registration services

Company registration services in walk-in and electronic formats By the way, we will have registration instructions. is the person who prepares various forms of documents and submitting a company registration through the Department of Business Development for customers Including the preparation of minutes of the meeting to open a company bank account for customers. without additional cost

which if it is an electronic company registration There will be a way for us to guide you every step of the way, from identity verification to answering all customer questions. to meet the needs and maximize the benefits of customers

Registration service for changing company information such as changing name, address, directors, registered capital, etc. We will handle all documents as well as company registration. Which customers can ask or ask for advice from us at any time.

VAT registration, we will guide you on the process of preparing information and documents for VAT registration. and submit VAT registration through the electronic system of the Revenue Department for customers Including following up on delivery of confirmation documents to the Revenue Department